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CEO and Founder Vidit Agarwal with A2Z News

VIDIT AGARWAL - Managing Partner & Venture Capitalist

Honoured with young entrepreneur award 2015

He is a Founder Director and CEO of this company and has been regarded as a prominent Entrepreneur of UK. He is also a Director and Managing partner of several other consulting companies and other Joint Ventures under his name growing every quarter along with his dynamic team across the world. Moreover, In a very short span of time, He became a successful Venture Capitalist where he invested in some risky businesses which turned out to be a most profitable ventures in a couple of months and therefore emerged as a powerful Business Leader at a very young age . He is responsible for the overall management strategy of the business. He keeps abreast of latest in all areas and different aspects of business. Moreover, with his innovative and creative business solutions he can find various loopholes resulting in huge benefits to his clients. In his years of experience, Vidit has advised to most businesses and Individuals serving all over the world. According to his clients, he is considered to be the most influential advisor and passionate entrepreneur due to his determined and proactive approach along with spontaneous decision making to solve complex issues in the businesses and helping clients transforming from toughest challenges.

Car Perfumes Suppliers & Wholesalers Online in India

Vidit - 25 Mar 2016
Car Perfumes Suppliers & Wholesalers Online in India ...

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Vidit - 24 Feb 2016
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