Acne Heals & Body Scrub Combo
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Acne Heals & Body Scrub Combo

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1.ACNE SOAP (Set of 2):-A Bergamoth and Tea Tree oil enriched antiseptic soap. It dries excess oil in the skin and heals acne & pimples. Can also be used for acne free skin as the natural cleansing herbs in it rejuvenate & deep cleanse for a smooth & radiant skin.2.ACNE POWDER:-This herbal powder is a special formulation that removes excess oil from the skin and heals acne & pimples very aesthetically. It doesn’t leave any marks or scars behind. With regular usage it nourishes the skin and repairs damaged epidermal tissues, thereby giving a spotless complexion.3.Orange Scrub Soap :-This exfoliating herbal soap is blessed with orange, oatmeal & almond extracts. Made in the traditional Indian methods, passed over from generations, this gentle scrub soap, effectively removes dead skin cells and black heads to give you a soft polished feel.qty 180gm
Attribute Brand Details:Brand SATTVIK ORGANIC
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