Dr. Marc's Cool Gel Eye Mask
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Dr. Marc's Cool Gel Eye Mask

Dr. Marc's Cool Gel Eye Mask

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Dr. Marc's Cool Gel Eye Mask for Stress Relief and Dark Circle Removal,A gel filled eyemask that you can cool to revitalize your eyes. The gel effect. Simply pop the eye mask in the fridge to cool, place over your eyes and relax. Comfortable to wear, the eye mask also has an elastic strap to hold it in place.Features:Reduces stress formed due to working on computer, watching TV,pollution , late night sleep etc Regular use will Help reduce wrinkles and Dark circles around eyes, see the difference in just 20 days.Relieves stress No chemicals,No Allergy,No Side EffectsNo Side Effects,Duly tested and polar-wise set magnet helps in blood circulation.Also contains crushed aloe vera leaves for a soothing effect.
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