(Tangka) Atisha , famous learned saint from India
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(Tangka) Atisha , famous learned saint from India

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Atisha Dipankara Srijnana, a great Buddhist saint-philosopher of 10th-11th century, has been venerated as an outstanding personality in Asian countries especially in the Himalayan region. He has been a symbol of peace, compassion, humanism, self sacrifice, harmony and amity who devoted his energies in the dissemination of Dhamma to Universities of Odantapuri, Vikramasila, Sompuri, Nalanda and institutions of excellence and monastic complexes. He played a significant role in infusing wisdom and resurgence of Buddhism and laying its foundation in pure form. His philosophy has brought significant changes among monks as well as the common people in the concept of their moral purity, self sacrifice, nobility of character, idealism and revolutionized the social, religious and cultural lives of the people. The people and the kings of Tibet invited him to reform the religious and social condition of Tibet at that time.

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