Stylish Electric Curd Making Machine
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Stylish Electric Curd Making Machine

Stylish Electric Curd Making Machine

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Stylish Electric Curd Making Machine 

The electric curd maker has the container with capacity of 1 Litre. It comes with long electric cord folds back in the bottom section of the Unit when you are not using it. It is made of 100% shock proof plastic body. You can clean the container separately after using it without spoiling the main unit. It is an amazing product and a must buy product to save your time. Electric Curd making machine is a very innovative ultimate kitchen product. An electrical curd maker will remove all intimidating thoughts about making yogurt. You will learn how to create fabulously delicious yogurts in a machine in as little as 2 hours without the hassle of having to work with ovens. Instant Curd Maker outdates the process of primitive curds setting and makes hygienic homemade curd, in just two hours everywhere and in any season.
·         A very innovative kitchen product.
·         Time saving electric curd maker.
·         Makes tasty curd in 2Hrs.
·         Operates on pre-set temperature.
·         100% Shock proof Plastic body.
·         Capacity of the Curd container is 1 Litre.
·         Easy to clean.
·         100% new & Good Quality

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