SuperDeals Eye Cooling Mask 2pc
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SuperDeals Eye Cooling Mask 2pc

SuperDeals Eye Cooling Mask 2pc

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Video Demo IFrame Product Features: Eye cooling mask Protect your eyes & eye sight and clears black marks around your eyes Heat Absorption Therapy, Water Splashes Therapy and Eye Tight Therapy Direction For Use: Keep in fridge or in cool place for 30 minutes Place it on eyes for 10 to 15 minutes and take rest or relax Usage: Relieves stresses formed during working on Computer, Kitchen, Movies & watching TV, Late Night Sleep, Long Reading Etc. Place it on forehead if you are in fever or tension for 10 to 15 minutes. Duly tested and polar-wise set magnet helps in blood circulation. To Clear Dark Circles Around Your Eyes Use Eye-Cool Mask as directed and take cool & hot Massage around your Eyes for 20 days regulary. Cool and Hot Massage Massage with hot water with handkerchief for 5 minutes and immediately apply chilled Eye Mask for 5 minutes around your eyes. Similarly 2 times a day. In The Box: 2 X Eye cooling mask
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