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Shivalik Biofresh Constipation This is a problem that is largely confined to a typical western lifestyle and diet. However it is a common complaint among the elderly population also. Inadequate amount of dietary fibers, lack of physical activity leads to stagnation of food in the digestive system allowing the water to be reabsorbed making the stool hard. Constipation may lead to fissure, has morrhoids etc. and needs timely intervention. BioFresh Bio Fresh is an all-natural herbal enchanced laxative that tastes great and helps to keep you regular. This deliciously simple solution is a tasty combination of dried red rose petals and dried natural Senna leaves. Developed by Ayurvedic acarayas as per ancient healing secrets. With thoroughness and good taste, BioFresh is an excellent natural mild laxative made from specially selected herbal ingredients. Easy to take
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