Anti -Pigmentation & Blemishes Facial kit
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Anti -Pigmentation & Blemishes Facial kit

Anti -Pigmentation & Blemishes Facial kit

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 Use NutriGlow Anti Pigmentation Toner to clean the face and neck, put a little amount of the toner on cotton pad and apply on your face, to cleanse your skin of all impurities and dirt.
Step 1 Anti Pigmentation Cleanser : Apply Anti Pigmentation Cleanser on wet skin and lightly massage in circular Movements for 3-5 minutes, later wipe off with cotton.
Step 2 Anti Pigmentation Scrub: Purify your skin with fine Anti Pigmentation Scrub that removes unhealthy cells. Gently massage for 5-8 minutes on wet skin in circular movements and clean it thoroughly with toner spray.
Step 3 Anti Pigmentation Exfoliator: Apply the exfoliator on wet skin and let it rest for 12-15 minutes, wipe off with damped cotton moistened with water. Later spray some toner.
Step 4   Anti Pigmentation Gel: Apply Anti Pigmentation Gel and massage for 8-10 minutes in circular Movements. Clean it thoroughly with normal water .Later spray some toner.
Step 5   Anti Pigmentation Cream: Use Anti Pigmentation massage Cream after exfoliation to give it a glow. Add 3 drops of Anti Pigmentation Serum in Anti Pigmentation cream then apply on wet skin and massage gently for 12-15 minutes, till it gets completely absorbed in the skin. You can leave it on without wiping off and proceed to step 6.
Step 6 Anti Pigmentation Pack : Apply a thick layer of Anti Pigmentation Pack and let the pack rest till semi dry .Clean it thoroughly with normal water. Later spray some toner.  You will see a new glow.
Step 7 Anti Pigmentation Serum : After removing the pack, apply 2-3 Drops of this Luxurious Serum. You can leave it on.
Daily Care   Anti Pigmentation Toner: Treat your skin with the delightful freshness and rejuvenation every day with this NutriGlow Anti Pigmentation Toner. Moisten a cotton pad and apply all over your cleansed face and neck. Complete with a mild moisturizer.


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